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50th Anniversary Celebration: “Summer of ‘69″


Hinei Ma Tov Uma Nayim, Shevet Achim Gam Yahad

הנה מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד


If you were at TY in the 60’s and 70’s (or wish you had been), join us and catch the spirit of those amazing years.

Join us in celebrating the 60’s and 70’s at Tel Yehudah.


Together we will re-create a classic TY-weekend. We get to feel like chanichim again as we enjoy shira, rikud, t’filot, sichot, peulot and more. We’ll sit together during Kabbalat Shabbat, an Oneg Shabbat, dance after Havdalah outside the hadar ha’ochel and sing around the medurah.

When did you say? Friday August 16 to Sunday August 18 – which happens to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock (just 15 miles from camp). Three more days of shalom, ruach and music.


Already Registered:

Jerri (Cohen) Blitzer
Susan Altman
Susan Altman
Judy Colin
Andrea Cure
Betsy Diamant-Cohen
Martha Dubinsky Witkowski
Erika Eden
Erika Eden
Arlene Falcon
Leslie Fried Kuperstein
Nancy Greenbaum
Anne Hartheimer
Amy Itkin
Allan Leon
Wendy Messer Schaeffer
Karen Pasuk
Richie Podolsky
Marcia Preis Harvey
Melinda Robin
Mitchell Ross
Shoshana (Judith) Rubinstein
Cyndi Schoenbrun
Judy Schwartz Rodenstein
Nina Seckel Israel
Gayl Selkin-Gutman
William Seplowitz
Janet Strassman Perlmutter
David Weinstein
Maddy Yackowitz
Rick Yackowitz
Suzanne Yacowitz Dragan
Jan Zacharjasz
Mario Zacharjasz
Amy Drogin Schwartz
Louis Geser
Ilene Rosenthal
Dan Schwartz
Miriam Jacobs
Ruth Lis
Anne Lis Pellegrino
Don Schoenfeld
Pnina Krakinowski Schoenfeld
Don Schoenfeld
Brian And Asher Serle
Susan Alpert
Fanny Korman
Roger Korman
Fanny Zacharjasz Korman
Marjorie Risman

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