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75 Years of TY!



Summer 2022 marks our 75th summer and we’ve kicked off a year-long celebration with events happening in different places and spaces throughout the entire year!   Our Celebrations Committee and other members of our community have already started to plan the many ways for us all to celebrate together, culminating in a blowout bash at camp during  Summer 2023

Find out more about exciting events we’ve got in store! 

75th Anniversary Events


Read the August 1948 press release written by Young Judaea and Tel Yehudah Director, Norman Schanin, about TY’s inaugural summer, “an experiment in creative camping and Jewish living” in Hendersonville, NC. (Did you know that we didn’t purchase our current site in Barryville, NY until 1954?)












Thousands of teens and young adults have passed through our gates and experienced the sights, sounds, friendship, and lifelong impact of summers at Tel Yehudah from 1948 to today.  But, we’ve never documented our full 75-year history all in once place!  

We need your help to write our history, once and for all! 

We will be asking our entire community to help us collect information, stories, memorabilia, pictures, and other artifacts to finally produce a history and timeline of 75 amazing years of Tel Yehudah.  

Stay tuned for how you can share YOUR piece of TY history with us soon!


We want to make sure we can keep you in the loop!  Click below to stay in touch and be the first to hear about events happening near you!   

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Celebrate 75 years of TY by helping us pave the path forward on our Road to 100!

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If you’re interested in supporting a specific event or initiative during our 75th year celebration year,
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