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Before Camp

gardenAs summer approaches, we know you are busy getting ready to send your teen off to Tel Yehudah for an amazing summer. Below is important information to ensure a safe, healthy and happy summer:

Camper and Parent Guide

Read through the 2020 Camper and Parent Guide for important information about travel, health, communications, policies and so much more.


All forms, including health forms, are due by May 15th unless otherwise noted. Instructions and forms can be accessed through your MyTelYehudah account.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Please read important health-related information pertaining to vaccinations, medications, lice and lyme disease on the Nutrition, Health & Wellness page. Additional information can be found in the Camper and Parent Guide.



If your teen will be traveling by air to Tel Yehudah, please read over the important information about air travel. Additional information about travel to camp can be found in the Parent and Camper Guide.

Packing List

Please use the attached packing list only as a guide for helping you and your child pack for camp. You should take into account your own child’s special needs when helping them pack for camp. Camp is very informal, so clothing packed should be comfortable and suitable for moving around and participating in lively activities.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have as you prepare to send your teen off to TY!